Grandiflor Hand Wash


An intoxicating bouquet inspired by the mystery of night-blooming flowers and exotic woods, this aromatic hand wash is infused with Egyptian jasmine, Madagascan ylang ylang and geranium leaf anchored in moody vetiver and manuka wood.

Washing is a time-honored ritual; the Latin phrase sanitas per aquam translates to health through water.

Poetica elevates this daily practice with a gentle and softening hand wash in a mesmerizing dark floral scent. Egyptian jasmine and ylang ylang from the Madagascan jungle nourish dry skin, while geranium leaf balances skin tone, and vetiver and manuka wood instill a grounding, soothing influence.

Climate conscious, Poetica's hand washes are made with the finest plant oils, extracts and herbs from biodynamic farming and permaculture gardens. Our organic essential oils come from distillers who practice regenerative farming. Learn more here.

1% of each sale goes to the High Line in Manhattan to care for wild geranium gardens, a nod to the geranium in this scent.

Made in the USA | 8 fl. oz. 250ml. | Reusable glass bottle (50% recycled content)

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