Poetica brings the lyricism of botanicals into daily life, with aromatic creations that honor the earth’s rhythms and restore the self.

Daily rituals become creative acts of expression that delight the senses while supporting the ecosystems that bestow our treasured ingredients. We celebrate place for a sense of terroir and connection between land and people.

Those who welcome Poetica into their space cherish nature as luxury and prize deep and resonant living.


We are energized by a world where business and society make and consume products in rhythm with the earth’s natural and human environments, protecting land and people.


Poetica seeks to deepen daily living with experiences of beauty and sustainability, which we call rhyme and reason.

With our sensory offerings, we share in botany, culture, and travel to inspire journeys and love of land.


Stirred by poetry as the economy of words in perfect composition, we synergize the best of nature into lyrical harmony. Great poetry prizes meaning without waste, and doesn’t compromise on form – at Poetica we seek to do the same.

The aromatics at the heart of our creations are opulent and reflective of the rich aromatic vocabulary of the natural world. We draw upon 100% pure essential oils from sustainable distillers to support biodiverse ecosystems and healthy communities, and design our creations with master botanical perfumers and creative luminaries.

Our first range introduces luxurious essential oil blends for the home and bath, presented in their distinct personas: VERDURE, SOLEIL, REVERIE.

A note from our creator

I have long been drawn to the beauty and power of nature, growing up in the great outdoors of Australia, my antipodean homeland.

As work and life have taken me from Sydney to London to New York, I have used essential oils in my daily rituals to find sanctuary and inspiration within life’s busier rhythms.

Conceived out of the belief that nature is the ultimate tonic, Poetica is the manifestation of this reverence for botanicals and my educational and work journeys.

Following my career in emerging markets impact investing and a graduate degree in sustainable business, I remain convinced that business can create positive change in our environment and in society.

With Poetica, I invite you to reimagine daily acts as an opportunity to recenter and commune with nature and self.


Tessa Albrecht-Schmitz


Poetic [adjective]:

Relating to poetry;

an imaginative and emotionally deep style of expression;

turning small things into beauty and meaning.