A rich floral bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, Madagascan ylang ylang and geranium leaf anchored in lush vetiver and exotic woods.

Functional Fragrance
Dark Floral | Epicurean, Fortifying, Cleansing

Key Botanicals

Jasmine – Nile Delta, Egypt – Absolute extraction of flower petals – Aphrodisiac
Ylang Ylang - Nosy Be, Madagascar – Steam distillation of handpicked flowers – Uplifting
Vetiver – Haiti – Steam distillation of freshly washed and soaked grass roots – Strengthening
Geranium – Nile Delta, Egypt – Steam distillation of organic leaves and stems – Balancing
Sandalwood – West Australia – Distillation of aged and fallen branches – Fortifying
Manuka – New Zealand – Steam distillation of wildharvested leaves and branches – Cleansing
Atlas Cedarwood – Atlas Mountains, Morocco – Distillation of organic and wildharvested fallen branches – Heartening


A kinetic composition of wild blue eucalyptus and lemon myrtle warmed by kunzea, cedarwood and cardamom spice.

Functional Fragrance
Herbaceous, Earthy | Refreshing, Brightening, Deodorizing

Key Botanicals

Eucalyptus – Australia – Distillation of wildharvested leaves and twigs – Cleaning
Lemongrass – Sri Lanka – Steam distillation of organic leaves – Deodorizing
Cedar – Texas – Distillation of local sawmill shavings – Freshening
Cardamom – Sri Lanka - Steam distillation of ripe seeds and pods – Warming
Kunzea – Tasmania – Distillation of wildharvested leaves and branches – Purifying
Lemon Myrtle – Australia – Distillation of leaves and sticks – Disinfecting


A spiritual medley of wild Andean mint and Egyptian basil grounded in Omani frankincense, French lavender and Moroccan rose, all ingrained in universal purifying practices.

Functional Fragrance
Greenery, Incense | Cooling, Meditative, Purifying

Key Botanicals

Frankincense – Dhofar Mountains, Oman – Artisanal hydrodistillation of bark resin in copper alembic pots – Balancing
Andean Mint – Central Andes, Peru – Steam distillation of wildharvested leaves and stems – Cooling
Rose – Kalaat M'Gouna, Morocco – Absolute extraction of handpicked petals – Restorative
Bergamot – Bergamo, Italy - Cold expression of organic fruit peels – Refreshing
Basil – Nile Delta, Egypt – A unique co-distillation of leaves and flowers – Purifying
West Indian Sandalwood – Sri Lanka –Wildcrafted wood from fallen trees – Soothing


A Mediterranean citrus grove in bloom. Neroli is steeped in fresh crushed petitgrain leaf, Calabrian bergamot peel, and sandalwood bark.

Functional Fragrance
White Floral, Bitter Citrus, Soft Woods | Uplifting, Fresh

Key Botanicals

Neroli Orange Blossom – Nile Delta, Egypt – Absolute extraction from the bitter orange tree flower petals – Uplifting
Gardenia – Columbia – Biodynamic cultivation and traditional plant-based enfleurage from petals – Relaxing
Jasmine – Nile Delta, Egypt – Absolute extraction of handpicked flower petals – Aphrodisiac
Petitgrain sur Fleurs – Nile Delta, Egypt – Co-distillation of bitter orange tree’s branch, leaf, flower, fruit – Balancing
Bergamot – Calabria, Italy – Cold expression from organic fruit peel – Refreshing
Sandalwood – Western Australia – Distillation of wood from aged and fallen trees – Fortifying
Elemi – Philippines – Wildharvest collection and distillation of this peppery resin – Warming


Minthostachys mollis

Provenance: Peruvian Andes
Plant part: Leaves and stems
Practice: Steam distillation

A deeply herbal, dark and earthy mint revered for centuries by Incan communities who consume muña tea for digestive and respiratory health. The stems and leaves are sustainably wildharvested all year from the mountains around Cusco and Piura, and the essential oil is distilled locally by hand. The income supports 75 women and men and their families across three communities, offering a stable return year round and a safety net against other more seasonal crop harvests.

Backhousia citriodora

Provenance: Queensland, Australia
Plant part: Leaves and twigs
Practice: Steam distillation

A bright and tangy bush oil found in Queensland's subtropical coastal rainforests, lemon myrtle has been long used by Indigenous Australians as a healing plant. Like eucalyptus, it is part of the powerful Myrtle plant family, believed to offer potent cleansing activities. Our lemon myrtle is organically cultivated and distilled in Queensland. The spent biomass from distillation is composted to nourish the soil, finding new uses in otherwise discarded materials.

Jasminum grandiflorum

Provenance: Nile Delta, Egypt
Plant part: Flower petals
Practice: Absolute extraction

Our treasured jasmine distillation comes from Egypt’s Nile Delta, a lush agricultural region where the Nile River meets the Mediterranean Sea. Women are at the heart of jasmine cultivation, handpicking the opened flowers at dawn daily when they are the most fragrant. Jasmine is the highest value crop in Egypt and is untaxed, making it an important revenue source for women and their families. We partner with a family-run distiller who takes part in local environmental conservation programs and has constructed childcare centers, female health clinics, mobile dental clinics, and clean water systems for the flower pickers and their families.

Cananga odorata

Provenance: Nosy Be, Madagascar
Plant part: Flower petals
Practice: Steam distillation

Sculptural ylang ylang flowers grow abundantly in the jungles of northern Madagascar, where their sweet and slightly spicy aroma fills the air from dawn to dusk. The flowers are harvested daily at sunrise by 70 women from nearby communities and distilled onsite the same day for maximum freshness. Our distiller has set up a healthcare fund for the women, constructed bathrooms in local schools for their children, and built a dam in the flower fields that conserves water by repurposing rainwater for irrigation.

Leptospermum scoparium

Plant part: Leaves and branches
Provenance: Eastern Cape, New Zealand
Practice: Steam distillation

Native to New Zealand, manuka trees grow along the country’s scenic East Cape, joining the mountains with the sea. The plant yields manuka honey from its flowers, and a spicy, herbaceous oil from its leaves and branches. Harvesting takes place year round in concert with traditional Maori landowners, where only the top of trees are touched to ensure they flourish for their full 30 year lifecycle and support the local bee population. Our distiller reuses essential oil byproduct as a fertilizer to reduce waste and provides funding for local educational and employment schemes in this beautiful yet remote part of the country.

Boswellia sacra

Provenance: Sultanate of Oman
Plant part: Oleo gum resin
Practice: Hydrodistillation of bark resin

A staple of spiritual practice for millennia, frankincense is traditionally burnt as an aromatic resin, its smoke representing prayers rising to the gods above. Our frankincense is unique to Oman, the original specie at the heart of a once flourishing trade. The majestic trees grow wild along UNESCO-recognized trade routes behind Oman’s Dhofar Mountains, in a special microclimate sheltered from the summer monsoons. The trees are gently tapped for their aromatic gum, which is gathered by hand and undergoes artisanal distillation in traditional copper pots, yielding an exceptional quality oil.