Our botanical fragrances are made of 100% essential from sustainable farms and distilleries around the world.



Wild Mint, Frankincense, Lavender

Soft notes of Andean mint tea with a hint of earthy sweetness, clean green aroma grounded by smooth woody notes and undertones of incense with a heart of roses.

Wild Andean Mint (Cuzco, Peru)* ~ Steam distillation from leaves and twigs ~ Deep and dewy ~ Anti-inflammatory and calming actions
Rose Absolute (Morocco) ~ Steam distillation from petals ~ soft and watery ~ antibacterial and aphrodisiac actions
Frankincense (Dhofar Mountains, Oman) ~ Hydro-distillation from bark resin in copper ~ Balsamic and airy ~ Astringent and expectorant activities
Sweet Basil (Egypt) ~ Steam distillation from leaves ~ Green and herbaceous ~ Restorative, tonic and insect repellent properties
Bergamot (Italy) - Cold expression from fruit peel, bitter bright citrus with spiced floral whispers, with antitoxic and deodorant actions
West Indian Sandalwood (Sri Lanka) ~ Steam distilled from twigs and branches ~ Softly woody ~ Antiseptic and insect repelling activities