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Silk Care Guide

Light and ethereal, silk weaves a special kind of spell. Maintain the magic of this thread with a few simple tips. 


Most fabrics, including washable silks and blends, can be hand washed in cold water using a gentle detergent like Poetica’s Botanical Delicate Wash. Always check the label first.

Silks – especially sonorous brights – can bleed; but fear not, this is normal. Test a hidden area with damp cloth first.

Wash like colors together.

Avoid traditional detergents with enzymes, which work by targeting protein-based fibers - bad news for protein-based silks and other animal fibers.

Instead, invest in a delicate wash, which differentiates from a regular detergent through gentle ingredients and a cold-water optimized, pH-neutral formula.

For a deeper clean, pre-soak in cool water for 5 minutes with a touch of delicate wash.

While hand-washing does require more effort, it offers superior care for luxury pieces and is an investment in their preservation.


Between washes, lay pieces out on a clothing rack or padded hangers over night.

Invest in a quality fabric mist, such as Poetica’s Botanical Refresh Mist, a highly concentrated cleanser that harnesses the purifying qualities of essential oils and zinc ricinolate, a natural deodorizer derived from the salt of the castor seed plant. 

Poetica Botanical MistDry

Avoid wringing garments to protect their shape, and avoid the dryer as silks and other delicate materials can shrink with heat.

Dry flat in the shade. Avoid hanging with pegs, which can leave marks.

Silks crease in the wash; bid wrinkles adieu by turning the garment inside out and using a steamer on the low heat, delicate setting. Add a few drops of Poetica essential oils to steamer water to purify and perfume your favorite pieces before wearing them.


Hang silk dresses and shirts on padded hangers and ensure good airflow.


Avoid spot treating silks, which can lighten the area permanently.

Instead, soak and handwash the entire garment in cool water.

For dark or tricky stains, visit your eco-friendly drycleaner.

Prevention is better than the cure. Oil stains build up quietly over time, so pre-treat common problem areas by dabbing a little extra delicate wash on them before washing.


Sustainable garment care begins at the source. Silk is an environmentally light fabric to invest in, requiring less land, water and processing than many other fabrics. 

To solve to animal rights concerns, brands are increasingly working with silk gathered from forests after the silkworms (moths) leave, and experimenting with alternative materials like bio-fabricated spider silks.


Poetica's signature Botanical Delicate Wash is plant-based, cold water optimized and pH neutral, designed to care for silk and other fabrics that require a lighter touch.