We ask a few of our favorite creative muses about clothing care and find beauty in the ritual. 

vianca soleilV I A N C A  S O L E I L

A dispatch from the tropics by an intrepid interior designer with a love of linen.

What is a piece of clothing you have loved endlessly?

I treasure my small collection of Issey Miyake Pleats Please pieces. They’re the comfiest to travel in and wrinkle free for practicality.

Which fabrics do you naturally gravitate toward?

Since moving the island, I’m always in linen. It’s the best fabric for tropical weather.

vianca soleil

Can you share a designer whose pieces you admire?

I’m forever a fan of Sarah Linh Tran and Christophe Lemaire of Lemaire.

How do you care for precious pieces?

We still handwash everything on the island and hang dry to save energy. Especially linen pieces, we let them dry on a clothes line so they don’t need to be ironed. And we don’t use fabric softener - there's magic to be found in slightly crisp linen.

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Vianca soleil

M I C H E L L E  G A G N O N

Our resident plant whisperer infuses aromatic botanicals into garment care.

How do you care for delicate pieces?

I handwash my delicates with a couple drops of floral essential oil and always hang to dry or lay them in the shade.

What’s one of the most meaningful pieces in your wardrobe?

I cherish all my clothing made from natural fabric and plant dyes. I have a two-piece set from Sri Lanka which was designed and crafted by a local woman using locally spun cotton and earth-tone plant dyes. She used beeswax before dying the fabric to create beautiful, soft patterns throughout, and I'm reminded of her skill each time I wear the outfit.

What is your favorite fabric to wear?

I love wearing raw silk in its natural color, and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of its texture or cool feeling upon the skin. I also wear quite a bit of linen and cashmere in cooler months.

michelle gagnon

You travel far and wide for work. What are your clothing essentials for travel, and how do you care for pieces while you're away?

I pack very light and stick to breathable fabrics that are low maintenance and one or two-color tones. Monochromatic makes everything easy and chic.

Honestly, Poetica’s botanical refresh mists are now a staple in my travel bag - they restore both fabrics and the senses wherever I am. I’m currently loving the Frankincense and Wild Mint scent; its soothing nature puts me at ease wherever I am.

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Botanical Refresh Mist

R E B E C C A  O ’ D O N N E L L

Garment care is an expression of comfort for the founder of The Quiet Botanist.

What’s a piece of clothing that you treasure dearly?

I love Babaa sweaters especially come winter, living in Upstate New York. I have a small collection of them which I first bought from my dear friend’s store, Oroboro in NYC.

I’m not used to such a cold climate, so I find real comfort in being cozy and comfortable. They feel nurturing to me, especially the ones with the turtlenecks. They are also made completely from wool or cotton – I love natural textiles!

I also have a beautiful, almost-thread-bare long sleeved Henley t-shirt that I love dearly. It’s a creamy cotton-linen mix and from years of wear and it is so soft. I bought it in Japan when I was in my early twenties with my younger sister Bethany, so it brings back memories and reminds me of my lovely little sister. She lives in Melbourne and I rarely see her other than on Zoom these days.

What fabrics will we always find you in?

Wool and cotton - I love fabrics that breathe. 

rebecca o'donnell

Can you share a few of your most cherished fashion brands?

I adore Margaret Howell, Studio Nicholson, Lauren Manoogian, Babaa, Sofie D’Hoore, As Ever.

How do care for your most treasured garments?

I always hand wash precious pieces and knits. I add lavender water and flat dry. In the summer I add lemon on whites and love to dry garments in the shade.

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Botanical Delicate Wash