Frankincense & Wild Mint Botanical Refresh Mist


Wild Andean mint and Egyptian basil are grounded in Omani frankincense, French lavender and Moroccan rose, all deeply ingrained in universal cleaning and spiritual practices.

Poetica's fragrant mists combine the purifying and balancing qualities of unique plant perfumes with lavender floral water and zinc ricinoleate, a potent botanical freshener.

Our spiritual Frankincense blend is designed to quieten the mind, heighten spiritual connection and invoke serenity. Time-honored for its centering influence, frankincense is blended with a cooling mint unique to the Peruvian Andes and the calm, clean notes of lavender and rose.

An elevated way to refresh and scent rooms, pillows and linens, yoga mats, and delicate garments and textiles. We especially love this fragrance as a pillow mist for relaxation.

1% of each sale goes to the Rainforest Foundation to protect the world's rainforests, including the Peruvian Amazon, an homage to our Andean mint (muña).

Made in New York | Organic & Sustainably Wildharvested Essential Oils

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