Frankincense & Wild Mint Mist


Fresh Andean mint and Egyptian basil play with the airy softness of Omani frankincense and the subtle sweetness of rose.

In a fragrance inspired by misty mountains and incense, Poetica's Frankincense & Wild Mint scent instills a sense of softness, space and serenity.

This versatile spray naturally freshens and fragrances fabrics and surroundings, and can be used as a refreshing room and linen mist. Infused with castor seed extract, known for its purifying qualities.

1% of each sale goes to the Rainforest Foundation to protect the world's rainforests, including the Peruvian Amazon, an homage to our Andean mint (muña).

Made in New York | Organic & Sustainably Wildharvested Essential Oils

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