Frankincense & Wild Mint Delicate Wash


Fresh Andean mint and Egyptian basil play with the airy softness of Omani frankincense and the subtle sweetness of rose.

Reimagining an overlooked routine through ritual, Poetica’s Delicate Wash stirs the senses and does more with less.

Plant-based and pH-balanced, this luxurious wash is designed to cleanse silk, wool, cashmere, and other fabrics that benefit from a lighter touch and gentle hand washing.

In a scent inspired by misty mountains and incense, the botanicals in this fragrant wash are renowned for their purifying and softening influence.

1% of sales go to the Rainforest Foundation US to protect the world's rainforests, including the Peruvian Amazon, an homage to the Andean mint (muña) in this blend.

8 fl. oz. 250ml | Made in New York | Hand & machine compatible | Cold water-effective | Free from bleach, chlorine, enzymes, parabens, PEGs, phosphates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances.

Complete your ritual