Curious about extending the life of precious knitwear pieces? Consult Poetica and By Malene Birger's joint five-point guide and wise up on wool care.

Poetica x By Malene Birger

Handwash hour

While it takes a little longer, handwashing is an investment in the longevity of knitwear, helping keep knits soft and shapely. Handwashing reduces the ‘fluffy’ look that can result from machine washing, while avoiding the negative environmental impact of conventional dry-cleaning methods.

Stay cool

Natural protein-based fibers like wool and cashmere are best preserved with gentle ingredients and cool water temperatures. Poetica’s Delicate Wash is cold water-optimized and pH-balanced, and is also free from harsh chemicals and enzymes that can degrade wool fibers.

Lay flat

After washing, place your knit on a towel, roll it up, and gently squeeze out any remaining water. Wool can shrink in heat, so lay the piece flat in the shade to dry. If needed, once the moisture has evaporated, steam your knit inside-out on a low-heat setting, but avoid ironing as this can crush the fibers.

Poetica MistA fresh perspective

In between washes, remove surface dirt using a soft-bristled garment brush applied in light, downward motions. Spray Poetica’s Aromatic Botanical Mists to spritz and revive your knits and air them out on a bed. Give wool coats and blankets a good shake outside and hang where there’s good air flow.

Dry clean sparingly

Dry cleaning is generally recommended for structured wool pieces such as blazers, coats and larger items like blankets and throws. Try to refresh your wool items regularly with Poetica’s mists, and seek an eco-friendly dry-cleaner when needed.

Poetica’s fine fabric care collection is now exclusively available in Europe at By Malene Birger. Learn more about our collaboration and visit the full Care Guide on By Malene Birger's website. Imagery by Emma Silke and Ladichosa.

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