Fresh from Australia's coastal rainforests comes a sparkling and cleansing citrus.

lemon myrtleAromatics

A native Australian bush oil, lemon myrtle evokes a fresh squeeze of lemon with sweetly spiced whispers. 


Native to the subtropical coastal rainforests of Queensland in Australia, lemon myrtle is a medium-sized tree that during the languorous summer months wears small fruits and softly spiked white flowers. While the flowers catch the eye, the tree's glossy green foliage offers the true sensory pleasure of the fragrance.

From a conservation perspective, the trees grow abundantly in the wild and are not considered to be at risk.

Harvest and Distillation

Our organic lemon myrtle essential oil is cultivated and distilled in Queensland, where the local farmers harvest small twigs, branches and leaves from the trees. The oil is steam distilled onsite the same day for maximum freshness.

australia tropical rainforestRitual

Like eucalyptus, lemon myrtle belongs to the powerful myrtle (or Myrtaceae) plant family, long revered for its cleansing qualities. Research indicates that lemon myrtle essential oil offers significant antimicrobial and surface disinfectant activities (Wilkinson 2003) due to its high citral content (90-98%). Studies also show that lemon myrtle is a more powerful disinfectant than the more commonly known tea tree oil (Hayes 2003).

Thanks to its botanical makeup and fresh fragrance, lemon myrtle is commonly called upon for freshening rituals. The great re-setter, lemon myrtle may be used to deodorize spaces and support feelings of wellbeing and positivity.

At Poetica, we diffuse lemon myrtle essential oil in the morning or throughout the day whenever we need to reset and re-inspire. We also use the essential oil to naturally refresh yoga mats after practice.

Cultural Heritage

Lemon myrtle has a long history of use by Indigenous Australians as a healing oil and an aromatic seasoning on traditional bush foods.

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Lemon myrtle is a hero ingredient in Poetica's Lemon Myrtle & Cardamom scent, a kinetic, earthy blend of freshening Australian bush oils on a bed of woods and cardamom spice.

Lemon Myrtle