Verdure Botanical Essential Oil


Deep and dewy Andean mint dances with earthy sweet Egyptian basil for a purifying and lush green experience grounded in soft cypress woods, frankincense incense, and a heart of roses.

An aromatic blend for the home and bath made of the finest organic and sustainably wild harvested oils from biodiverse lands. Housed in a biophotonic glass vessel for longevity.

Diffuse to freshen your space or enhance meditation practice, add to bathing rituals, and pair with wool dryer balls to refresh linens and towels. 

A portion of each Verdure sale supports the Rainforest Foundation US to protect the world's rainforests, including the Peruvian Amazon, an homage to the Andean mint (muña) in this blend.

100% Undiluted Essential Oils | Handmade in NYC | .33fl. oz. / 10mL | 300 drops


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