Verdure Botanical Essential Oil


A meditative medley of wild Andean mint and Egyptian basil grounded in Omani frankincense, rose and lavender, all ingrained in universal cleansing and spiritual practices.

A deeply sensorial aromatic concentrate to invigorate space and self, Verdure is a fragrant offering of lush greenery, incense and flowers renowned for their purifying qualities and tranquil influence.

Designed with reverence to the synergistic wellness and cleansing qualities of aromatic plants, and made with the finest grade organic and sustainably wildharvested essential oils.

Use to set the mood in interior spaces, add to bathing rituals for aromatic hydration, and pair with wool dryer balls to refresh linens and towels.

A portion of each Verdure sale supports the Rainforest Foundation US to protect the world's rainforests, including the Peruvian Amazon, an homage to the Andean mint (muña) in this bottle.

100% Undiluted Essential Oils | Handmade in NYC | .33fl. oz. / 10mL | 300 drops


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