Grandiflor Botanical Eau De Parfum


A dark and hypnotic bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, ylang ylang, and geranium leaf anchored in earthy vetiver and exotic woods.

A carnal and fortifying scent, Grandiflor opens with heady summer florals anchored in earthy, woody tones.

Spritz throughout the day whenever a seductive and strengthening experience is desired, drawing on the warming qualities of jasmine and the grounding influence of vetiver root.

Our natural perfumes are made with the finest organic and wildharvested essential oils from biodiverse lands.Learn more here.

1% of each sale goes to the High Line in Manhattan to care for wild geranium gardens, a nod to the geranium essential oil in this scent.

Made in New York | 1.6 fl. oz. 50ml | 600 Sprays

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