Botanical Mist 2


.33 fl. oz. ~ 10mL | 100% Pure Undiluted Essential Oil Blend | 300 Drops

Deep and dewy Andean mint dances with earthy sweet Egyptian basil for a lush green experience grounded in soft cypress woods, frankincense incense, and a heart of roses.

Introducing our signature essential oil compositions designed to deepen daily living.

Add to your bathing ritual, diffuse in your space, or pair with wool dryer balls to scent sheets and towels.

100% pure and undiluted made with sustainably wild harvested and organic oils from biodiverse lands. Housed in UV light-resistant glass vessels for longevity.

As a sustainability dividend, a portion of each VERDURE sale supports the Rainforest Foundations US and their preservation of the Peruvian Amazon, country of the beloved Andean Mint found in this blend.

Handmade in NewYorkCity.

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