Poetica brings the lyricism and power of plants into daily life, with botanical lifestyle essentials that honor the earth’s rhythms and restore the self.

Poetica seeks to transform daily acts into moments of sensory inspiration and deeper meaning, invoking aromatic discovery while supporting the ecosystems our materials come from. We celebrate botanical origins for a sense of terroir and connection between land and people.

Those who welcome Poetica into their space cherish mindful living, and prize the timelessness of what they love.

Botanical Garment Care

Our first collection reimagines garment care for the modern individual. Guided by the interplay of natural inspiration and creative expression, we offer a considered collection of essentials rooted in concentrated plant-based formulas and precious botanical fragrances made of pure, organic, wild crafted essential oils.

Daily cleansing routines become sensory acts of expression that preserve precious pieces and honor nature.

Rhyme & Reason

Poetica marries form and function, which we call rhyme and reason, for beauty with performance and sustainability.

Stirred by poetry as the economy of words that create meaning together, we select only the finest materials to do more with less and offer beauty in synergy. Great poetry prizes meaning without waste, and doesn’t compromise on form – at Poetica we seek to do the same.

The result is locally made botanical creations that play on the senses, are free from unnecessary chemicals, and present gentle yet effective cleansing.

Protect & Restore

Working with the rhythms of nature, we seek to create products that are beautiful and healthy for our land and the hands that form them.

The aromatic fragrances at the heart of our creations are made with precious essential oils from sustainably managed distilleries, farms, and cooperatives with the goal of supporting the health and prosperity of local ecosystems and communities. Our interior objects are made by skilled artisans around the world.

We use reclaimed, reusable and recyclable packaging wherever possible to find new value in existing materials. And we invest in nature conservation to amplify our supply chain results and respond to climate change.

We deeply believe in the protection and restoration of what we love, from the pieces we wear, to the earth underneath our feet. 

A note from our  creator                                                                                                                           

“Poetica was born in summer 2020 in New York City. I have long been drawn to the beauty and power of nature, growing up in the great outdoors of Australia, my antipodean homeland.

As work and life have taken me from Sydney to London to New York, I have used essential oils in my daily rituals to find a sense of sanctuary, home, and inspiration within life’s busier rhythms.

Conceived out of the belief that nature is the ultimate tonic, Poetica is the manifestation of this reverence for botanicals and my background in business that prioritizes sustainability. Following my career in impact investing and a graduate degree in sustainable business models, I remain convinced that business can create positive change in our environment and in society.

With Poetica, I seek to reimagine daily essentials to encourage a greater connection to nature. I see garment care, our first foray, as an opportunity to extend modern and sensory experiences into an overlooked, necessary and daily area."

"I hope that in Poetica you find moments of inspiration and impact.”

~ Tess  / Tessa Albrecht-Schmitz x


Poetic [adjective]:

Relating to poetry;

an imaginative and emotionally deep style of expression;

turning small things into beauty and meaning.