Soleil Botanical Essential Oil


A kinetic and earthy blend with a twist of spice. Refreshing blue eucalyptus, lemon myrtle and lemongrass are warmed by cardamom, kunzea and cedarwood.

A deeply sensorial aromatic concentrate to invigorate space and self, Soleil draws on native Australian bush oils from the myrtle plant family - renowned for its powerful cleaning modalities - alongside detoxifying spices and woods. Energetically, this medley stimulates, warms, and awakens the senses.

Our signature blends are designed with reverence to the synergistic mood-stirring and naturally purifying notes of botanicals, and made with the finest grade organic and sustainably wildharvested essential oils.

Use to set the mood in interior spaces, add to bathing rituals for aromatic hydration, and pair with wool dryer balls to refresh linens and towels.

A portion of each Soleil sale supports the Tasmanian Land Conservancy which protects unique ecosystems on Australia's southernmost island, including native kunzea habitat.

100% Undiluted Essential Oils | Handmade in NYC | 0.33fl. oz. / 10mL | 300 drops


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