Grandiflor Botanical Essential Oil


A voluptuous floral bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, Madagascan ylang ylang and geranium anchored in lush vetiver and exotic woods.

A deeply sensorial aromatic concentrate to invigorate space and self, Grandiflor invokes a dark floral experience that is heart-opening yet grounding.

Energetically, jasmine and ylang ylang are aphrodisiac, geranium detoxifies and balances, and vetiver nourishes and anchors, just as the roots which it is distilled from ground the plant to the earth.

Our signature blends are designed with reverence to the synergistic mood-stirring and naturally purifying notes of botanicals, and made with the finest grade organic and sustainably wildharvested essential oils.

Use to set the mood in interior spaces, add to bathing rituals for aromatic hydration, and pair with wool dryer balls to refresh linens and towels.

A portion of each Grandiflor sale goes to the High Line in Manhattan to support the care of wild geranium gardens, an ode to the geranium flower in this blend.

100% Undiluted Essential Oils | Handmade in NYC | 0.33fl. oz. / 10mL | 300 drops


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