Grandiflor Botanical Eau De Parfum


Inspired by the mystery of night-blooming flowers and exotic woods, plumes of Egyptian jasmine, Madagascan ylang ylang and geranium leaf dance with moody vetiver and manuka wood.

A dark floral scent for epicurean delight. Spritz lingerie, silk dresses, and hair; use wherever a seductive and strengthening experience is desired.

Poetica's natural perfumes are concentrated, long-lasting versions of our aromatic mists, made with the finest organic and wildharvested essential oils from biodiverse lands.

1% of each sale goes to the High Line in Manhattan to care for wild geranium gardens, a nod to the geranium in this scent.

Made in New York | 1.6 fl. oz. 50ml | 600 Sprays

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