We share a few simple ways to keep wool and cashmere pieces soft and tender as the weather cools.  


Wool and cashmere wool can be washed less frequently than other fabrics, every few washes. Unstructured pieces like tees, sweaters and cardigans can generally be safely hand washed at home.

While it takes a little longer, handwashing is an investment in the longevity of special pieces, and it also saves water and energy. Hand washing organic and minimally processed wool is especially important, as the fabric surface is made up of tiny scales which can look fluffy when machine washed.

We recommend a pH-balanced, cold-water optimized delicate wash like Poetica's Delicate Wash, which is also free from harsh chemicals and enzymes that can coat and degrade wool fibers over time.

Eco-friendly dry-cleaning is generally recommended for structured wools, like blazers and suits, or larger items like throws.


To maintain shape, place your knit piece on a towel, roll it up, and gently squeeze out any remaining water. Wool can shrink in heat, so lay flat in shade to dry.

Steam inside-out on delicate, low-heat setting. Avoid ironing, which can crush and degrade wool fibers.


Between washes, brush lightly in downward motions to remove surface dirt, which can dull wool over time. We recommend using a soft-bristled garment brush.

Air ventilation is the best way to refresh wools. Air knits on the bed, or give wool blankets a good shake outside and hang where there’s free air flow.

Use a natural mist to reduce washing frequency and freshen between wares. Poetica's Lemon Myrtle & Cardamom Aromatic Botanical Mist is designed with naturally insect-repelling cedarwood, kunzea and lemon myrtle oils, meaning it will also help protect wool in storage.


Wool is naturally water and stain repellent at the surface, but liquid will soak into the fabric over time – so act quickly. Spot treat as soon as possible after incident. Apply a touch of delicate wash to the area and blot gently; never rub.

Soak washable items in cool water for 15 minutes, and launder as normal once stain is removed Check stain removers on hidden areas first to avoid any discoloration snafus.


To maintain shape, fold knits, and hang structured wool items on padded hangers. Wash and mist wool before long-term storage, as moths are attracted to oil buildup.